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Tenth Annual National Institute on E-Discovery

Publication Year: 2016   Publication Type: Book

John M. Barkett, Joy Flowers Conti, M. James Daley, Hon. Sheila Finnegan, Todd Flaming, Katelyn Flynn, Peter Flynn, Natascha Gerlach, Maura R. Grossman, Richard Hood, Megan Jones, Henry J. Kelston, David Kessler, Dan Kulakofsky, Monica Latin, Eric Lieber, Anthony Lowe, Cecil A. Lynn III, Martha Mazzone, Nan R. Nolan, Hon. Andrew J. Peck, Sidney I. Schenkier, Lauren E. Schwartzreich, Robert Singleton, Martin T. Tully, Kenneth Withers

Table of Contents:

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 Faculty and Author Biographies
 Section A- Small-Scale E-Discovery The Goldilocks Quandary
 Section B- Judicial Roundtable Kicking the Tires of the Shiny New Rules
 Section C- Behind the Curtain Strategies for Successful Corporate E-Discovery Practices
 Section D- Case Law Update
 Section E- Cross-Border E-Discovery in 2016 Producing Data in Light (or in Spite) of Safe Harbor
 Section F- Discussion of the Stickiest Issues Involving Technology Assisted Review (TAR)
 Section G- Ethics What You Have a Right to Do in E-Discovery vs. What is Right in E-Discovery