Casemaker Libra

20th Annual National Institute on the Gaming Law Minefield

Publication Year: 2016   Publication Type: Book

Barth F. Aaron, Thomas N. Auriemma, John W. Barron, William Bogot, Jennifer Carleton, Mark Clayton, Tiffany E. Conklin, Paul Connelly, Leonard Court, Scott D. Crowell, Bill Curran, Laura D'Angelo, Marc C. Dunbar, J. Kelly Duncan, Marc Ellinger, Jayme Hartley Fountain, Patrick Fowler, Jason Giles, P. Gregory Giordano, Daniel J. Gustafson , Stephen Hart, Christopher W. Hinckley, Constance Jones, Richard S. Kalm, Lynne Levin Kaufman, Peter Kulick, Katie S. Lever, Steven Light , Michael D. Lipton, Kate C. Lowenhar-Fisher, Patrick Madamba Jr., John K. Maloney, Vince Manfredi, Emily Mattison, D. Michael McBride III, Donald S. McGehee, Sean McGuinness, Sue McNabb, Alan P. Meister, Keith C. Miller, Kevin P. Mullally, John H. Oberle , Kevin C. Quigley, Kathryn R.L. Rand , Pieter Remmers, Timothy Richards, Jennifer Roberts, John N. Roberts, Christopher Rogers, I. Nelson Rose, Kevin Rosenberg, Dan Russell, Thomas Shepherd III, Jeffrey A. Silver, Roy Smolarz , Heidi Staudenmaier, Robert W. Stacker II, William Thompson, Richard Vitali , Joseph Webster, Joseph Weinert, Dennis Whittlesey, Keith S. Whyte, Glenn Wichinsky, Rob Ziems

Table of Contents:

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 Faculty and Author Biographies
 Section A- The Role of Gaming Regulators in a Changing Environment
 Section B- The Ramifications of Gaming Equipment Manufacturer Mergers, Casino Growth, and the Search for Market Share
 Section C- The World Regulatory View and Its Impact on Casinos and the Gaming Market in the United States
 Section D- The Perfect Regulatory Framework for Commercial Gaming in the United States
Section E- What is Gambling
 Section F-The Intersect of Sports Betting and Fantasy Sports
 Section G- State Actions to Prevent or Cease Unregulated and Illegal Gambling
 Section H- Gambling, Credit Cards, Privacy- A Regulatory Environment Trifecta
 Section I- The Challenge in Identifying and Treating Compulsive Gamblers in a Changing Environment
 Section J- The Latest Challenges in Indian Country Gaming
 Section K- Online Gaming in Indian Country
 Section L- The Competitive Impact of Tax Rate Policy Taxes Withholding- FinCEN Reporting
 Section M- Court Cases That Could Make A Difference
 Section N- Legal Ethics Professionalism Substance Abuse A Primer for Lawyers-