Casemaker Libra

19th Annual National Institute on Class Actions

Publication Year: 2015   Publication Type: Book

Davit Akman, Robert G. Bone, Amanda Bonn, Nannette Jolivette Brown, Warren T. Burns, Fred B. Burnside, Charles B. Casper, Professor John C. Coffee, Jr., Robert G. Eisler, Vincent Esades, Eldon E. Fallon, Brian T. Fitzpatrick, Donald R. Frederico, Benjamin Gould, Robin L. Greenwald, Deepak Gupta, Robert J. Herrington, William A. Isaacson, Daniel R. Karon, Professor Alexandra D. Lahav, John W. Lungstrumis, Melissa H. Maxman, Andrew J. McGuinness, Alan B. Morrison, Lisa J. Rodriguez, Jonathan D. Selbin, Edward F. Sherman, Laura Shores, Julia B. Strickland, Sabrina H. Strong, Jonathan S. Tigar, Andrew J. Trask, Brian A. Troyer, Spencer Weber Waller, Eric H. Zagrans

Table of Contents:

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 Faculty and Author Biographies
 Section A- Who Dat- It's the Return of Class Actions 101...
 Section B-...And the Introduction of Class Actions 201
Section C- Bayou Review. the Past Year in Class-Action Jurisprudence
 Section D- You Have a Choice, Picayune- Economic Loss or No-Injury Class Actions
 Section E- King Cake or Po-Boy
 Section F- Rule 23(F) and Class-Action Appeals
 Section G- Are the Good Times Still Rollin' for Defendants The Latest Word on Ascertainability
 Section H- Show Me the Doubloons- This Class-Action Case is Going to Trial
 Section I- Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Plaintiffs
 Section J- It Don' MADDA . . . Does It- When the Supreme Court Speaks, Does Anyone Listen