Casemaker Libra

11th Annual National Institute on Securities Fraud

Publication Year: 2017   Publication Type: Book

Alma Angotti, John Arterberry, Brent R. Baker, Jonathan R. Barr, Fritz E. Berckmueller, Richard R. Best, Bradley J. Bondi, Kara Novaco Brockmeyer, Gregory S. Bruch, Samuel W. Buell, John J. Carney, Craig Carpenito, Amy Carpenter-Holmes, Stephanie Cherny, John P. "Sean" Coffey, Colleen A. Conroy, James L. Cooper, Gregory D. DiMeglio, Greg Farrell, Joseph A. Fonti, Scott W. Friestad, Toby Galloway, Darby Green, Aitan Goelman, Christopher Hetner, Thomas A. Hanusik, Philip H. Hilder, John Huber, John C. Hueston, John A. Irvine, Daniel Kahn, Ivan B. Knauer, Michael L. Koenig, Charles H. Lichtman, Gary S. Lincenberg, Louisa Marion, Matthew T. Martens, William B. Mateja, Deborah R. Meshulam, Bridget Moore, Cheryl M. Mori, Richard J. Morvillo, Andrew S. Pak, Pamela J. Parizek, Paul E. Pelletier, Michael Steven Popok, Elizabeth Radigan, Sean Reyes, Gerald J. Russello, Kara Scannell, Howard Scheck, Steven S. Scholes, Stephen J. Senderowitz, Benjamin D. Singer, Gil M. Soffer, Cari N. Stinebower, Elizabeth Streit, Diana C. Toman, Philip Urofsky, Albert A. Vondra, Lance Wade, Daniel J. Wadley, Joseph Walker, Hank Bond Walther, Stewart C. Walz, David K. Willingham, Daniel Zelenko

Table of Contents:

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 Faculty and Author Biographies
 Section A- Plenary Session 2016- The Year in Review, 2017 The Year Ahead
 Section B- Effective Wells Presentations - What Works and What's Worse
 Section C- The Impact of Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer and SAR Rules
 Section D- Prosecution and Defense of Securities Class Actions and Related Derivative Suits
 Section E- Compliance 2.0 - How the DOJ's Appointment of a Compliance Expert Impacts Settlement
 Section F- What's New at the SEC and FINRA- The Latest and Greatest SEC Enforcement Theories
 Section G- The Yates Memo and Its Impact on Internal Investigations, Self-Reporting Decisions
 Section H- Insider Trading - The State of the Law in a Post-Newman or Post-Salman World
Section I- The FCPA-s Jurisdictional Hooks - How Far Do They Reach Who Can They Ensnare
 Section J- Cyber-Security and Securities Fraud- From Hacking to Spoofing
 Section K- Ponzi Schemes and Securities Fraud Perfect Together
 Section L- Influence in the Digital Age- How New Technology and Old Media Affect Litigation
 Section M- Will You Get the Naughty Chair