Casemaker Libra

National Institute on Cybersecurity

Publication Year: 2016   Publication Type: Book

Jim Aldridge, Holly Brady, Linda Clark, Christopher L. Dore, Matthew Fitzsimmons, Eric Friedberg, Christopher Hetner, Serge Jorgensen, James Kitchen, Travis LeBlanc, Matthew H. Meade, Douglas Meal, David Navetta, Christopher Novak, Lucian T. Pera, Cuyler Robinson, Marie Russo, Al Saikali, Stu Solomon, Brookes Taney, Timothy Tobin, MacDonnell Ulsch, Sue Yi

Table of Contents:

 Cover page
 Faculty and Author Biographies
 Section A- Data Breach Litigation
 Section B- Developments in Payment Card Liability
 Section C- A Conversation With the Regulators
 Section D- Mock Data Breach Scenario
 Section E- Ask the Forensic Experts
 Section F- The Ethical Duty To Protect Client Data- Cybersecurity Implications