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Internet of Things (IoT) National Institute

Publication Year: 2016   Publication Type: Book

Michael A. Aisenberg, Katherine E. Armstrong, William B. Baker, Richard C. Balough, Solon Barocas, David Z. Bodenheimer, Bennett B. Borden, Ruth Hill Bro, Jared Carlson, Cynthia H. Cwik, Kenneth K. Dort, Cheryl Falvey, Dr. Edward Felten, Lori Fena, Christina D. Frangiosa, Timothy Goodman, Jeffrey Greene, Matthew Grote, Eric Hibbard, Jim Hood, Dr. Srinivasan Jagannathan, Thomas L. Jarvis, Clete D. Johnson, Hon. Matthew Kennelly, Erik Laykin, Naomi Lefkovitz, Lisa R. Lifshitz, Dr. Vijay Madisetti, Peter F. McLaughlin, Robert S. Metzger, Maneesha Mithal, Emile Monette, Mauricio F. Paez, Jae B. Pak, Jean Marie R. Pechette, Hon. Andrew J. Peck, Jules Polonetsky, Lee Rainie, Edith Ramirez, Paul Rosenzweig, Nick S. Rossi, Christopher J. Savoie, Vineet Shanani, Thomas J. Smedinghoff, Jeffrey Stewart, Steven W. Teppler, Dr. Robert Thibadeau, Lucy L. Thomson, Jody R. Westby, Joseph D. Whitley, David Wollman, Denise E. Zheng, Jack Zinman

Table of Contents:

 Cover page
 Section A- IoT Behind the Curtain- A Look At the Technology
 Section B- Industry Initiatives- Game Changers in the Private Sector
 Section C- How Will Iot Look By 2025
 Section D- IoT, Big Data, and the Cloud
 Section E- Technology Heaven, Privacy Hell - Iot Privacy Issues in the U.S. and Globally
 Section F- Addressing Extraordinary Ethical Issues in Connecting Billions of Ordinary Devices to the Internet and to Each Othe
 Section G- IoT Intellectual Property Rights- How To Avoid Getting it Wrong
 Section H- The World of IoT Policy, Laws, and Regulations,U.S. and International
 Section I- The Force Awakens- IoT Standards and Information Governance
Section J- Security Challenges in the IoT Age
Section K- Smart Devices, Not-So-Smart Legal Problems- Addressing and Mitigating Legal Risks
 Section L- IoT On Trial- Mass Torts, Class Actions, and theories of Liability
 Section M- Roundtable On the Future of IoT and the Law