Casemaker Libra

22nd Annual National Institute on Aviation Litigation

Publication Year: 2016   Publication Type: Book

Barry F. Benson, Abram I. Bohrer, Scott A. Brooksby, Nelson Camacho, Christopher R. Christensen, D. Timothy Dazé, Jeffrey J. Ellis, Karen Escobar, Hon. John J. Goglia, Frank H. Granito, III, Justin T. Green, Robert E. Hagemann, Hon. Christopher A. Hart, Michael S. Krzak, Douglas A. Latto, Vincent C. Lesch III, John Maggio, Erika Maurice, Jeremy Ross, Stephen A. Saltzburg, Steven M. Sandler, Capt. Robert Shore, Michael B. Slade, Joseph P. Taccetta, Timothy S. Tomasik, Jason L. Vincent, B. Keith Williams

Table of Contents:

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 Faculty and Author Biographies
 Section A- Birds, Pets, Lasers, Stowaways, and Other Hot Topics in Aviation
Section B- Recent Developments in Aviation and Space Law
 Section C- Defending Military Contractors Against War Zone Tort Actions
 Section D- Ethical Issues Surrounding the Preparation and Testimony of Witnesses During an Aviation Trial (Part II)
 Section E- Keynote Address A Challenge of Continuing Safety Improvement
 Section F- Defining the Boundaries of Preemption in Aviation from the Wright Brothers to 3D Printing to Next Generation
 Section G- Who Controls You Handling ATC Issues and Aviation Mishaps in Air Crash Cases
 Section H- The Heart Attack That Caused Your Missed Connection Carrier Liability for Medical Diversions
 Section I- Flag of Convenience The Foreign Maintenance of United States Commercial Aircraft-Ignorance is Not Bliss