Casemaker Libra

20th Annual National Institute on Class Actions

Publication Year: 2016   Publication Type: Book

Robert E. Bailey, Lauren Gruth Barnes, Jennifer Borum Bechet, Terrence G. Berg, Arthur H. Bryant, Fred B. Burnside, Elizabeth J. Cabraser, John C. Coffee, Joshua P. Davis, Bill Donovan, E. Michelle Drake, Vincent J. Esades, Michelle K. Fischer, Brian T. Fitzpatrick, Richard D. Freer, Eric Grannon, Patrick J. Ivie, Daniel R. Karon, Robert H. Klonoff, Alexandra D. Lahav, Dr. James Langenfeld, Jocelyn Larkin, Melissa H. Maxman, Andrew J. McGuinness, Arthur R. Miller, Karin F.R. Moore, J. Frederick Motz, Paul F. Novak, Ken K. Patel, Richard A. Posner, Gene E.K. Pratter, Barbara J. Rothstein, Joseph M. Sellers, Sabrina H. Strong, E. Colin Thompson, Thomas G. Wilkinson, Jack Zouhary

Table of Contents:

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 Faculty and Author Biographies
 Section A- Coming Out It's Class Actions 101
 Section B- Hit Me Again It's Class Actions 21, I Mean 2-0-1
 Section C- Box the Trifecta. Let's Play Class Actions 301
Section D- Viva Review! The Past Year in Class-Action Action
 Section E- From Mirage to Immense The Genesis, Creation, and Evolution of Rule 23
 Section F- Winning Big or Crapping Out. Class-Action Ethics from a Real-Life Perspective
Section G- A Winning Hand or a Flop After 50 Years, Are Class Actions Legit
 Section H- "Behind the Curtain" Examining Class Actions from the In-House Perspective
 Section I- Pit Boss Powwow. Exactly What Is the MDL Judge College and How Does it work
 Section J- Hitting the Jackpot A One-on-One Class-Action Conversation with Judge Richard Posner
 Section K- Small Wagers, Big Results
 Section L- Into the Stratosphere or Simply a Circus Circus