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Shakespeare for Lawyers A Practical Guide to Quoting the Bard

Publication Year: 2010   Publication Type: Book


Shakespeare had a lot to say about lawyers--some good, some bad. But the Bard was an undeniable genius when it comes to the powerful use of the English language, and there are many things lawyers can learn from him about wielding words fiercely or persuasively. Indeed, it is lawyers who are most often at the wrong end of lay people's feeble attempts to connect Shakespeare and our noble profession. Many times his wisdom is used incorrectly, or in opposition to the way it was originally intended. Shakespeare for Lawyers contains more than 100 funny, sharp, witty, sad, and instructional quotes pulled from Shakespeare's plays and sonnets by a lawyer, for lawyers, and includes instructions on how they might be used in a courtroom, mediation, or elsewhere. And of course, the book features an extra section exploring what the Bard had to say about the law and those who practice it. In this book, you'll find Shakespeare's most famous quotes, as well as many that are less well-known but which resonate strongly when viewed through the particular prism of the legal profession. As each quote in the book is dissected, you'll discover exactly what it means, and how to best use it in an interpersonal setting. Take this book with you as you wait your turn at a long court call, or turn to it for a break in the middle of brief writing. You can't help but be inspired. Both lawyers who dread having to put pen to paper, and those who love all things literary, won't come away from this book without at least a dozen favorite quotations ready to be tossed off at the slightest provocation.

Margaret Tebo

Table of Contents:

 Chapter 1 A Rhapsody of Words
 Chapter 2 The Game's Afoot
 Chapter 3 Witnesses and Other Fools
 Chapter 4 Lies, Liars, and Slander
 Chapter 5 Mercy, Justice, and Truth
 Chapter 6 Our Noble Profession