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Lawyer A Brief 5,000 Year History

Publication Year: 2009   Publication Type: Book


There are roughly 890,000 lawyers in America right now, and that number keeps going up. But why are there so many, where did they come from, and what role have they played in history? This hysterical, scholarly look at the history of lawyers is not just an external account of lawyers: it puts you inside their heads. It's a roller coaster ride through history, viewed from a lawyer's perspective. Starting from Biblical times with the case of Adam and Eve v. The State of Innocence, through ancient Greece and Rome and medieval Europe, through Lincoln, Darrow, and O.J. Simpson, this book will provide you with a good sense of the "primal ooze" that gave rise to the first lawyer and the religious, cultural, philosophical, economic, and political forces that have preserved lawyers from extinction--at least so far.

Blain R. Andrus

Table of Contents:

 Opening Statement
Part I Biblical Times
Part II Pagan Times
Part III Ancient Greece
Part IV Ancient Room
Part V Medieval Times
Part VI Modern Times
 Closing Argument
 Appendix A-A Who’s Who
 Appendix B-Cicero and Quintilian
 Selected Bibliography
 About the Author