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Immigration Relief   

Publication Year: 2019
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Author: Elizabeth Anne Campbell, Rachel DeLia Settlage, Veronica Thronson


This book synthesizes, explains, and guides the reader through all of the crucial components of this area of the law. Its careful organization, thorough explanations, and clear presentation demystify the daunting array of immigration statutes, cases, regulations, practice manuals, and policy memoranda that govern the adjudication of applications for immigration relief for immigrant victims of crime.

The ABA Spanish Legal Phrasebook   

Publication Year: 2010
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Author: Corinne Cooper, Samantha Snow Ward

Description: This unique, quick and easy reference guide is written to bridge the communication gap between non-Spanish-speaking legal professionals and non-attorney Spanish-speakers.

The National Security Implications of Immigration Law   

Publication Year: 2012
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Author: Arthur Rizer

Description: This important resource is perfect for anyone with an interest in the intersection of immigration law and national security.


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