Casemaker Libra

33rd Annual National Institute on Criminal Tax Fraud and the Sixth Annual Institute on Tax Controversy

Publication Year: 2016   Publication Type: Book

Wendy Abkin, Frank Agostino, Hon. Tamara W. Ashford, David F. Axelrod, Robert G. Bernhoft, Sanford J. Boxerman, Jennifer Breen, Sandra R. Brown , James A. Bruton, III, Christin Bucci, Larry A. Campagna, Nancy Chassman, Caroline D. Ciraolo, John Colvin, Ian M. Comisky, Thomas A. Cullinan, Mark F. Daly , Evan Davis, Michael J. Desmond, Jeffrey M. Dirmann, Sheri A. Dillon, Niles A. Elber, Diana L. Erbsen, Lawrence S. Feld, Caryn Finley , Miriam L. Fisher, Honorable Marvin Garbis, Justin K. Gelfand, Armando Gomez, Eric Green, Peter D. Hardy, Karen L. Hawkins, Claudia Hill, David C. Holtz, Lawrence S. Horn, Frank J. Jackson, Jenny L. Johnson, Richard Kando, Barbara T. Kaplan, David Katinsky, Sheldon M. Kay, Kathryn Keneally, Matthew D. Lerner, Francine J. Lipman, Richard T. Lunger, Tom Maher, James R. Malone, Jr., Heather Maloy, Mark E. Matthews, Sharon L. McCarthy, John C. McDougal is, Janet M. McHard, Brian C. McManus, Charles M. Meadows, Scott D. Michel, Steven Miller, Charles J. "Chad" Muller, Fred Murray, Sara G. Neill, Jeffrey Neiman, Walter Pagano, Kathleen Pakenham, Marjorie J. Peerce, Wm. Robert Pope, Jr., Ellis L. Reemer, Charles Rettig, Alexander Robbins, Edward M. Robbins, Jr., Lawrence A. Sannicandro, Richard J. Sapinski, Thomas J. Sawyer, Martin A. Schainbaum, Carolyn A. Schenck, Michael Y. Scudder, Michael Shepard, Bryan C. Skarlatos, Danielle M. Smith, Victor S.O. Song, Richard Speier, Jr., Andrew Strelka, Kevin F. Sweeney, Justin Thornton, Drita Tonuzi, Steven Toscher, Josh O. Ungerman, Hon Juan Vasquez, Jr., Richard Weber, William Wilkins, Betty J. Williams, Philip Wilson

Table of Contents:

 Faculty and Author Biographies
 Section A Low Income Taxpayer Assistance
Section B Civil Tax Workshop
Section C Criminal Tax Workshop
 Section D Establishing the Client Relationship Ethical Issues
 Section E Civil Enforcement Priorities
 Section F DOJ Criminal Roundtable
 Section G What's New at Exam and Appeals
 Section H IRS CI Roundtable
 Section I Civil- The New Partnership Audit Rules
 Section J Criminal- The World Keeps Turning- Where We Are Now With Offshore Investigations
 Section K Civil- When the Evidence is Abroad- Strategies for International Discovery
 Section L Criminal- The Next Wave
Section M Civil- IRS Collections- Strategies for Protecting Your Client's Rights
 Section N Civil Preparing Witnesses to Testify
Section O Criminal- Ask the Experts- Top Tips in Criminal Tax Cases
 Section P Criminal- Addressing Employment Tax Issues in Sensitive Examinations
 Section Q Civil- Working with the Accountants- Ethical and Other Considerations
 Section R Criminal- Recurring Privilege Issues in Criminal Investigations
 Section S Civil- Whistleblower Update 2016- Current Events in Tax Controversy involving Whistleblowers
 Section T IRS Future State- Meeting IRS and Taxpayer Needs
 Section U Criminal- Offshore Enforcement- How Will They Prove It