Casemaker Libra

32nd Annual National Institute on Criminal Tax Fraud and the Fifth National Institute on Tax Controversy

Publication Year: 2015   Publication Type: Book

Robert E. Bailey, Lauren Gruth Barnes, Jennifer Borum Bechet, Hon. Terrence G. Berg, Arthur H. Bryant, Fred B. Burnside, Elizabeth J. Cabraser, John C. Coffee, Joshua P. Davis, Bill Donovan, E. Michelle Drake, Vincent J. Esades, Michelle K. Fischer, Brian T. Fitzpatrick, Richard D. Freer, Eric Grannon, Patrick J. Ivie, Daniel R. Karon, Robert H. Klonoff, Alexandra D. Lahav, Dr. James Langenfeld, Jocelyn Larkin, Melissa H. Maxman, Andrew J. McGuinness, Arthur R. Miller, Karin F.R. Moore, Hon. J. Frederick Motz, Paul F. Novak, Ken K. Patel, Hon. Richard A. Posner, Hon. Gene E.K. Pratter, Hon. Barbara J. Rothstein, Joseph M. Sellers, Sabrina H. Strong, E. Colin Thompson, Thomas G. Wilkinson, Hon. Jack Zouhary

Table of Contents:

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 Faculty and Author Biographies
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 Section A- Low Income Taxpayer Assistance Workshop
 Section B- Civil Tax Workshop
Section C- Criminal Tax Workshop
 Section D- Conflicts and Chaos- The Importance of Timely Recognizing and Managing Conflicts of Interest
 Section E- Civil Enforcement Priorities
Section F- DOJ Criminal Roundtable
 Section G- What's New at Exam and Appeals
 Section H- IRS CI Roundtable
 Section I- IRS Penalty Collections- How to Protect Your Client's Rights
 Section J- Offshore- Where in the World is Enforcement Now
 Section K- When the Accountant is a Witness- Ethical and Other Considerations
 Section L- Offshore- What Should the Noncompliant Accountholders Be Doing Now
 Section M- When the Past- Isn't the Past- How to Correct Past Wrongdoing
Section N- Hot-Tubbing- How to Get to the Truth From Expert Testimony
 Section O- Ask the Experts- Top Tips in Criminal Tax Cases
 Section P- Task Enforcement in a Resource-Challenged World
 Section Q- Employment Taxes- Always an Enforcement Priority
Section R- Disclosure in a Criminal Prosecution- Are You Getting What You Should Have
Section S- When the Money Isn't Here- The Government's Tools to Collect Outside the United States
 Section T- Sentencing- Best Practices in A Changing Landscape