Casemaker Libra

26th Annual National Institute on Health Care Fraud

Publication Year: 2016   Publication Type: Book

G. Norman Acker, Matthew S. Axelrod, Glenn D. Baker, Veronica E. Bindrim-MacDevitt, John T. Boese, Jennifer Bragg, Kimberly Brandt , Jerrett D. Brock, R. Joseph Burby, Ralph J. Caccia, Edward, Benton Curtis, Clayton A. Dabbs, Anthea R. Daniels, Robert K. DeConti, Andrew J. Demetriou, Gregory E. Demske, Jeffrey Dickstein, Jonathan Diesenhaus, Jonathan S. Drage, David L. Douglass, Amy Easton, Jonathan H. Ferry, Sarah M. Frazier, Laurence Freedman, Susan Elter Gillin, Janet Goldstein, Michael Granston, Joseph P. Griffith, Jr., Eric R. Havian, James Hearty, Steve Hinkle, S. Craig Holden, Christopher Ideker, Gabriel L. Imperato, David H. Johnson, Julie, Gary Keilty, Dimitri Lascaris, Katherine A. Lauer, Ted Lotchin, Tony Maida, Enu A. Mainigi , Harold Malkin, Kevin McAnaney, Christopher Y. Miller, Sandra Miller, Paul B. Murphy, Kirk Ogrosky, Steven W. Ortquist, Lester J. Perling, Lisa Re, Robert T. Rhoad, Christopher Rohn, Barry Sabin, Adam Schwartz, Jack W. Selden, Elysia M. Solomon, Howard R. Thomas, Douglas Thoren, Jennifer Verkamp, Richard W. Westlingis, Wendy Weiss, Joe D. Whitley, Kristen A. Williams, Sara Winslow, Stephanie Yonekura, Michael C. Yount, Barbara Zelner

Table of Contents:

 Faculty and Author Biographies
 Section A The Foundations of Health Law
 Section B Providers (Hospital and Physicians)
 Section C Manufacturers and Suppliers (Pharmaceutical and Medical Device)
 Section D Commercial Payors and Managed Care Organizations
 Section E Enforcement Liability For Individuals-Executives in the Hot Seat
 Section F Medicaid Fraud Enforcement
 Section G False Claims Act Developments
 Section H Litigating False Claims Act Cases.htm
 Section I Public Disclosure, Original Source and First To File
 Section J Damages and Amount of Loss
 Section K Trial Practice Demonstration
 Section L Negotiating False Claims Act Settlements and Corporate Integrity Agreements
 Section M Federal Administrative Sanctions- Exclusions and Civil Money Penalties
 Section N Overpayment Liability and Voluntary Disclosure
 Section O Quality of Care, Medical Necessity and Enforcement and Compliance
 Section P Hospice Enforcement and Compliance
 Section Q Responding to Private Contractor Actions and Sanctions
 Section R Fraud and Abuse in Long Term Care (Nursing Homes)
 Section S Workshop For Defense and In-House Counsel
 Section T Enforcement and Compliance
 Section U Anti- Kickback and Stark Law Developments
 Section V Decisions Impacting Privilege Protections During Internal Investigations
 Section W Transactional Due Diligence and Compliance