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The ABA Spanish Legal Phrasebook

Publication Year: 2010   Publication Type: Book


Accurate communication between professionals and clients is critical. This is of particular concern when there are language and cultural differences. While many Spanish-language phrasebooks are available, most are geared to the travel market. This book is designed specifically for professionals who need to communicate with Spanish speakers about U.S. law.

This guide identifies common American legal phrases and concepts and provides accurate Spanish translations. The book is divided into sections based on substantive areas of law including criminal law, family law, labor and employment law, personal injury and medical malpractice, immigration, bankruptcy, and business law.

In addition, a handy pronunciation guide makes communication a breeze. Whether or not you are bi-lingual, if you have Spanish-speaking clients, this book is the one reference you'll use every day to improve your client communications.

Corinne Cooper, Samantha Snow Ward

Table of Contents:

 Title Page
 A Note to the Reader
 Chapter One-Common Legal Phrases
 Chapter Two-Criminal Law
 Chapter Three-Family Law
 Chapter Four-Labor & Employment Law
 Chapter Five-Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice
 Chapter Six-Immigration Law
 Chapter Seven-Debtor,Creditor & Bankruptcy Law
 Chapter Eight-Business Law
 About the Authors
 Pronunciation Guide