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Writing Shorter Legal Documents

Publication Year: 2011   Publication Type: Book


In a legal document, in accordance with federal, state, and local court rules, every letter and space is important. Writing Shorter Legal Documents is a concise, practical handbook that explains how to quickly, efficiently reduce the length of your legal documents. It's a collection of advice written to keep you within grammatical and court rules, for both length and construction, while preserving and even clarifying your argument. The author, a lawyer with a Ph.D in linguistics, has divided 35 precise strategies into five chapters:

  • An Approach to Shorten Legal Documents
  • Revising Terminology
  • Revising Lists, Phrases, and Sentences
  • Changing the Appearance of Text on the Page
  • Cutting Content

When you're on a deadline with the court and are over the maximum word count in your document, this book provides the fast, easy editing tricks you'll need.

Table of Contents:

 Title Page
 Introduction-A Section That You Need to Read
 Chapter 1 An Approach To Shorten Legal Documents
Chapter 2 Revising Terminology To Shorten Legal Documents
Chapter 3 Revising Lists, Phrases, and Sentences
Chapter 4 Changing The Appearance of Text On The Page
Chapter 5 Cutting Content