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Word Origins for Lawyers

Publication Year: 2012   Publication Type: Book


Words are the building blocks of the law, and the tools of the lawyer. To master words one must know them well, and to know them one should know where they come from. By knowing the origins of words used in law, a lawyer will know the law better and will know how to argue better. This unique book features a profuse collection of legal words and phrases, or words that are commonly used in legal work. The etymologies first focus on the meaning of the entry in the legal context, then provide the "roots" of the word focusing on ideas that a lawyer would find particularly helpful or enlightening. There has always been is a strong appeal to form arguments based on origins. It is common for lawyers in many situations to use a word's origin as a starting point, or even the coup-de-grace, in an argument. For the first time, Word Origins for Lawyers brings a lawyer's perspective to etymology that is otherwise lacking in other available sources. As a lawyer, if you want to form more powerful foundations for arguments, or just satisfy the curiosities of a legal mind, this is one book you don't want to miss.

Table of Contents:

 Useful Linguistics Terms
The World of Words
 About the Author